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Skin Exams

People who have been diagnosed with skin cancers should have regular skin exams by their dermatologist.  Depending on the type of skin cancer, you may need to come more often or have a more thorough exam.

Man having his skin examined

Man having his skin examined


What to expect:

Our office usually performs 2 types of skin exams:  an upper body exam and a full body exam.  During the upper body exam, you will undress from the waist up and your provider will look over the skin on your scalp, face, ears, neck, chest, back, sides, and both arms.  During a full body skin exam, you are completely undressed, and the provider examines all your skin – from your scalp to your toes and everything in between.


Mole examined under dermatoscope


Some spots may require viewing under a special magnifier called a dermatoscope.  Usually any suspicious lesions are biopsied, frozen, or documented for future observation.  Skin exams can take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour depending on the number of lesions and any procedures that need to be done during your visit.


Check yourself!

You can always do a skin check on yourself.  Here’s a checklist to get your started:

  • Examine yourself in a full-length mirror. Look at the front, back, and sides of your body.  Be sure to lift your arms too.
  • Check your underarms, forearms, and palms. Use the mirror if needed.
  • Look at your legs, including the backs of your legs, between your toes, and the soles of your feet.
  • Use a hand mirror to check your scalp, back of neck, and behind ears. (You can also ask your hair stylist to let you know if he/she sees anything abnormal while you are getting your hair done.)
  • Use a hand mirror to check your back and buttocks.
  • Document any moles on a body map! You can use this to track your moles and to take with you to your dermatology appointment.
What People Say

This was the absolute best doctor visit I have ever been to from start to finish.  Very polite and professional staff.  I was in and out of the appointment in less than an hour.  Amazing! 


Always excellent service and everyone is so friendly and nice. And I love going to Misty, she always explains things to me and makes you fell special. That means a lot to a just slightly senior person, ha.


She was able to answer all my questions. The money seemed reasonable, which I’ll pay out of my HRA since I haven’t met my deductible this year, and they explained there would also be a lab fee for the biopsy; if they hadn’t explained that lab fee to me beforehand, I think that bill would have confused me. Good job, everybody!