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This is often not what someone would think of when one thinks of surgery, but that is how it’s classified medically!  Cryosurgey is used to destroy a growth by freezing the abnormal tissue.

With cryosurgery, liquid nitrogen is applied to the lesion via a cry-ac, cotton swab, or other device to kill the growth.  This is commonly performed on actinic keratosis, seborrheic keratosis, and warts.


A cry-ac is used to spray liquid nitrogen

What People Say

This was the absolute best doctor visit I have ever been to from start to finish.  Very polite and professional staff.  I was in and out of the appointment in less than an hour.  Amazing! 


Always excellent service and everyone is so friendly and nice. And I love going to Misty, she always explains things to me and makes you fell special. That means a lot to a just slightly senior person, ha.


She was able to answer all my questions. The money seemed reasonable, which I’ll pay out of my HRA since I haven’t met my deductible this year, and they explained there would also be a lab fee for the biopsy; if they hadn’t explained that lab fee to me beforehand, I think that bill would have confused me. Good job, everybody!